'Static' or fixed design web site is one where you provide us with all the text, images, corporate colours and logo's you require and we design  your site, however many pages you require, using standard web encoding.  The end result is fixed unless you ask us to add or change anything on it . What do you get?

Complete design of new master page layout including logo and page header, colour scheme, design layout, navigation links or buttons , top, side and bottom site menus and layouts as used on every page, all text and images (supplied by you). Included
All Web pages, text, images etc. Included
Domain name (.co.uk,  .net etc) included in year 1. .com domains may incur additional charge depending on their actual cost which can vary considerably. Included
Web Hosting - the storage of your site.  (provided by us)  Included
A completely  free sitemap page. A sitemap, a 'must'  to speed up the process of getting your site ranked by the major search engines. Included
Initially, site optimised for all your keyword or keyword phrases and optimised initially the best way possible for improved web search rankings and submitted to Google, yahoo and MSN for inclusion in these search engines listings. Included
Any links to other sites, directories, mapping data sites and so on that you require (so long as these are not paid for inclusions). Included
Registration of the site with Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing. Included

A five page website, hosted for one year with a typical .co.uk domain name will cost only £199 based on the above fixed pricing system, completed and working. 

Check out the website to the left then click on www.tr500.co.uk to see a simple static website  designed for less than £230 up and running.

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